For some time now I have dreamed of building a faith based apparel line that represented everything I believed in. I explored many different avenues throughout the years, some only focused on women, some only focused on men. But I knew that believers in God word wasn’t just limited to one gender, one race, or one culture. I wanted to build a brand based on unity and for me to do that I had to take a step back and humble myself.

I went to the one person that I knew had the answer. GOD!

As I sat down and talked to Him, I had to bare it all. I had to go back to the beginning and take a look at my life from a different angle, from God’s angle.

As I sat down to study. I came across the book of Proverbs. I read it so many times. In doing so, God pointed out versus 15:33 and showed me in order to be truly happy with the life that He has provided for us we need to gain a strong sense of humility, but in order to obtain that you need to ask for wisdom to understand that life is a gift that is only provided to you through his grace and mercy. Only then will you receive the his honor.

This was the moment when it clicked. I said to myself this is what I truly believe in. This is the brand I want to share with others and form a unity of individuals that have a common interest in knowing that remaining humble no matter what, will make for a better world.

After years of fear, self-doubt, negativity, and with God’s help..

Anabia Boutique. was born!!

I plan to make this brand so much more than just clothing. And you know th